Book Club, 2023

Balandžio mėnesį kviečiame į knygų klubą!

Jūsų laukia 4 knygos su klausymu, teksto suvokimo ir gramatikos bei žodyno užduotimis + 4 kalbėjimo pamokos.

Skaitysime Dominoes serijos Oxfordo leidyklos knygas, kurios yra interaktyvios, suteikiančios mokiniams smagios skaitymo patirties bei ugdančios visus kalbinius įgūdžius: skaitymą, klausymą, rašymą ir kalbėjimą. Integruotos veiklos ir specialiai atrinkti tam lygiui skirti žodžiai palaipsniui gerina mokinių kalbą.


  • Smėlynės 70, Panevėžys
  • Online

Grupė: 4-6 žmonės

Laikas: trečiadieniais 18 val.

Kaina: 65€ (20% nuolaida šiais metais jau dalyvavusiems kursuose)

Kaip vyks?

  • Kiekvieną savaitę gausite interaktyvią knygą;
  • Iki pamokos ją perskaitysite ir atliksite pasirinktas užduotis;
  • Trečiadienį vakare susitiksime ir aptarsime istorijas.


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Lygis A1 /250 raktinių žodžių/

Sherlock Holmes: The Dying Detective

‘Come quickly, Dr Watson,’ says Mrs Hudson. ‘Sherlock Holmes is dying!’

Sherlock Holmes was trying to solve a murder. But now he has a terrible illness, and he is not his normal self. Can his friend Watson help him? Can the strange Mr Culverton Smith help him? Or will Sherlock Holmes die?


Perseus is the son of Danae, Princess of Argos, and the god Zeus. When he is very young, his mother moves with him to live on the island of Seriphos.

Later, Polydectes – the king of Seriphos – wants to marry Danae. Perseus says ‘no’ to this, so Polydectes sends the young man away for the head of Medusa. Medusa is a she-monster, with snakes for hair. Can Perseus find and kill Medusa? And what happens after he goes back to Seriphos?

Crying Wolf and Other Tales

‘Help! A wolf is eating my sheep!’

What happens when a bored shepherd boy lies to the people in his village – and then he later tells the truth?

What do a man and his wife do when their goose lays golden eggs? And what can two travellers learn from a bear in the woods?

These three Greek tales teach us important truths about people today.

Pebbles on the Beach

Abby is a teenager, and doesn’t talk much to her parents. Abby’s dad works hard for an oil company, and Abby’s mom doesn’t like her friends. Then, one summer, Abby stays with her crazy Aunt May in California. Here – with Aunt May and her young neighbours Diego and Bianca – she learns to see things differently. But, one night, there’s an oil spill on the beautiful beach near their home.

What can Abby, her aunt, and the neighbours do? And who answers Abby’s call for more help? And how?