Book Club, 2023 (gegužė)

Gegužės mėnesį kviečiame į knygų klubą!

Jūsų laukia 4 knygos su klausymu, teksto suvokimo ir gramatikos bei žodyno užduotimis + 4 kalbėjimo pamokos.

Skaitysime Dominoes serijos Oxfordo leidyklos knygas, kurios yra interaktyvios, suteikiančios mokiniams smagios skaitymo patirties bei ugdančios visus kalbinius įgūdžius: skaitymą, klausymą, rašymą ir kalbėjimą. Integruotos veiklos ir specialiai atrinkti tam lygiui skirti žodžiai palaipsniui gerina mokinių kalbą.


  • Smėlynės 70, Panevėžys
  • Online


  • Beginner (trečiadieniais 18 val.)
  • Pre-Intermediate (ketvirtadieniais 18 val.)
  • Laikas gali būti derinamas

Grupė: 4-6 žmonės

Kaina: 65€ (20% nuolaida šiais metais jau dalyvavusiems kursuose)

Kaip vyks?

  • Kiekvieną savaitę gausite interaktyvią knygą;
  • Iki pamokos ją perskaitysite ir atliksite pasirinktas užduotis;
  • Susitikimo metu aptarsime istorijas.


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Apie knygas

Lygis A1 /250 raktinių žodžių/

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

‘What’s your job?’ Yukio asks.

‘I’m a sorcerer,’ the old man smiles, ‘And I need a young apprentice.’

One day, Yukio – a young boy from old Japan – leaves his sister in the country and looks for a job in the town. He finds interesting work there, as a sorcerer’s apprentice. But why must Yukio wait to learn magic? And what happens after he puts a spell on a broom when the sorcerer is away?


‘I see Troy in flames years from now – because Paris brings disaster to us,’ Queen Hecuba says about her son. Paris’s father, King Priam, wants to kills him. But Paris lives, and later loves Helen – King Menelaus’s queen – from Greece. When Paris brings Helen to Troy, war begins between the Trojans and Greeks. What happens when Paris’s brother Hector and the Greek fighter Achilles meet in battle? Who wins the war, and how? Read Troy and find the answers.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba finds a thieves’ treasure cave, and he is suddenly rich. Then his brother Kasim visits the cave, and things go wrong. The forty thieves find Kasim there, kill him, and cut him into four pieces. What can Ali Baba do? He wants to bury his brother quietly, but how can he? Morgiana, his servant-girl, has the answer. But what can she do when the thieves find Ali Baba and want to kill him, too?

Lisa’s Song

Al Brown plays the guitar in a band with friends. He writes songs, too. ‘Our boy can’t live without his music,’ his parents say.

But when Al’s baby sister, Lisa, arrives from hospital, his life is suddenly different.

Now his mother and father have no time for him, and he has no time for school work – or the band.

Then Al’s sister gets ill. And Grandad tells him, ‘Write a song for Lisa!’ But why, and how can this help?

Apie knygas

Lygis A2/B1 /700 raktinių žodžių/

Sherlock Holmes: The Norwood Mystery

‘I loved to read the newspaper, hoping to find some news of an interesting crime for me to investigate or a dangerous criminal for me to catch. Where are all those clever criminals these days?’

Then, suddenly, a wild, excited young man runs up the stairs to Holmes’ room. He has a story to tell about a strange crime that took place in Norwood. But who is the criminal? And is he dangerous? Life, for Holmes, suddenly starts to get interesting.

Eight Great American Tales

What does a poor young woman do when she loses her boyfriend or wants to find one? What little lies do we tell to make ourselves look better in the eyes of those that we love? How can a friend save someone who is sure that they are going to die? What happens when someone’s clever plans all go wrong? These sweetly surprising short stories – about both good times and bad – are sometimes sad, and sometimes funny. But all of them are sure to make you think.

Ariadne’s Story

‘When he went home to Athens, the great prince Theseus left me on the island of Naxos. But why did he leave me? Everyone says that he was tired of me. But when we met, I was the princess of Crete and the most beautiful woman in the Aegean Sea.’ Ariadne’s story is one woman’s tale of secret love, adventure and of escape – both from danger and from a life that she wanted to leave far behind her – many years ago in Ancient Greece …

The Drive to Dubai

When his father is arrested in Dubai, Kareem has to move fast. He must show that his father is not a thief and prove that his family is honest. For Kareem is going to marry the beautiful and intelligent Samira Al-Hussain, and she could never marry someone from a bad family. So Kareem and his brother get to work quickly – with a little help from Samira.