Level 1

Knygos su audio, teksto suvokimo, žodyno ir gramatikos užduotimis padeda ugdyti kalbinius gebėjimus. Rinkitės knygą ir leiskitės į nepamirštamą ir naudingą kelionę!

  • Jake’s Parrot


    When Jake Stevens goes to work for some months in Ireland, he feels happy. He loves travelling, and talking about his job – making computer games for BananaTech in America.

    ‘Your new game’s going to be the best thing at the Irish Computer Games Exhibition!’ people at BananaTech Ireland tell him.

    But living with a noisy parrot isn’t easy, and when Jake asks the most beautiful girl at work out to dinner, she says ‘no’.

    Then someone steals Jake’s game the night before the show. Who – or what – can help him to get it back?

  • Journey to the West

    ‘Tripitaka, can you go to the west for me – and for Buddha?’ When the holy woman Guanyin asks the young Chinese monk Tripitaka to bring some holy writings back from India, he says ‘yes’. But how can he travel across rivers, and fight terrible monsters and demons, on his long journey? He needs three strong helpers – Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy – to do that! But where do they come from? Do they always help? And can they bring the holy writings home again?

    Read this old Chinese story, and find out.

  • Pollyanna


    When Pollyanna’s father dies, she goes to live with her Aunt, Miss Polly Harrington. Miss Harrington likes doing good, but she doesn’t like children very much!

    Pollyanna always tries to find the good in everything. She soon makes many different people in her new home feel happier. But is Miss Polly’s life going to change for better or worse after her niece arrives? And what happens to Pollyanna when she has a very bad accident?

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond


    ‘He’s an intelligent man. He was once rich and is now poor. His wife loved him once, but she doesn’t love him now. And he’s thirty or forty years old.’

    One look at an old hat, and Sherlock Holmes can tell you a lot about its owner. He sees – and thinks – a lot more than the people around him, and when a beautiful blue diamond disappears, Sherlock is the only man in London who can find it.

  • The Curse of the Mummy


    For thousands of years the dead body of the young king Tutankhamun slept under the sands of Egypt. Then, in the autumn of 1922, Howard Carter and his friends find and open his tomb door. These are exciting times, and Carter’s young helper Tariq tells the story in his diary. But soon people begin to die. Who or what is the killer? Is Tutankhamun angry with them for opening his tomb? And who is the beautiful French girl with the face of Tutankhamun’s long – dead wife?

  • The Real McCoy and Other Ghost Stories

    ‘Are you scared, Gordon?’ asks Heather. Four friends talk of ghosts in a hotel in Scotland. That night Gordon sees and hears something strange in his room. But is it really the ghost of Lord McCoy? These six stories tell of ghosts – friendly, sad, and bad – from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, America – and Egypt!

  • The Swiss Family Robinson

    ‘There’s going to be a storm,’ Father told Fritz. ‘Find your brothers and bring them to our room.’
    A Swiss family are going to Australia when their ship sinks in a storm. After that, Mother, Father, Fritz, Hans, Ernst, and little Franz must make their home on a Pacific Island. Like Robinson Crusoe, they have many exciting times on the island, and they learn a lot about its animals and plants. But do they always want to stay there, or are they going to leave one day?

  • The Travels of Ibn Battuta

    ‘My first journey was a pilgrimage to Mecca. I got on a donkey and said “Goodbye” to my parents in Tangier when I was 21. My mother cried.’ In this way Ibn Battuta, one of the greatest travellers in the world, begins telling his story to his nephew, Ahmed. His many journeys take him to new and interesting places far from home. He sees many strange and wonderful things, has many funny and frightening experiences, and meets many different people along the way. This is his story…