• A Christmas Carol


    It is 24th December – the night before Christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t like Christmas.

    Christmas is an expensive time, and Scrooge likes one thing: money. So he doesn’t like to give money to poor children in the London streets – or to Bob Cratchit. Cratchit works in Scrooge’s office, and get little money for hid hard work.

    Scrooge is not a nice man. But when he gets home that night, three ghosts visit him.

    Can the ghosts change this bad old man into a better man?

  • A Pretty Face


    Zoe Baker works in a bookstore. She also likes acting, and she has a part in the play Romeo and Juliet. Mike Morrison writes about the play for the newspaper. What does he write about Zoe? Is Zoe a good actress … or is she just ‘a pretty face’?

    What does Zoe think when she reads the newspaper? What does she do?

  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves


    Ali Baba finds a thieves’ treasure cave, and he is suddenly rich. Then his brother Kasim visits the cave, and things go wrong. The forty thieves find Kasim there, kill him, and cut him into four pieces. What can Ali Baba do? He wants to bury his brother quietly, but how can he? Morgiana, his servant-girl, has the answer. But what can she do when the thieves find Ali Baba and want to kill him, too?

  • Around the World in Eighty Days


    ‘Today you can go round the world in eighty days,’ says Phileas Fogg. ‘Do it, and I pay you 20,000 pounds,’ says his friend Stuart.

    This is the beginning of one of Jules Verne’s most exciting stories. Phileas Fogg must get back to London by December 21st or lose all his money. And with the help of his servant, Passepartout, Fogg travels in many ways – from train to elephant – and has some surprising adventures on the way.

  • Blackbeard


    The year is 1717. It is a bad time to be the captain of a ship in the Caribbean because of pirates. The most frightening pirate on the sea is Edward Teach, or ‘Blackbeard’.

    ‘The Governor of Virginia wants us all dead!’ Blackbeard thinks. ‘But can he kill me – the most famous pirate in the Caribbean? No!’

    This is his story…

  • Changing Places


    Hal works at the zoo every day and his life isn’t exciting until he meets Tim.

    Tim is a movie star. He has a difficult life, and he is unhappy until he meets Hal.

    But when they meet, and agree to change places, interesting things start to happen. And, by changing places, the two men learn what is truly important in their lives.

  • Conan the Barbarian: Red Nails

    ‘There’s a walled city in the desert to the south,’ said Valeria quickly, ‘Let’s go there!’
    After escaping from a terrible dragon, Valeria the Pirate and Conan the Barbarian enter the city of Xuchotl. They are looking for treasure, but find themselves in the middle of a fierce clan war. Who should Valeria and Conan trust? How can they fight the spells of witches and wizards? And what is the secret of the black pillar full of red nails?

  • Crying Wolf and Other Tales


    ‘Help! A wolf is eating my sheep!’

    What happens when a bored shepherd boy lies to the people in his village – and then he later tells the truth?

    What do a man and his wife do when their goose lays golden eggs? And what can two travellers learn from a bear in the woods?

    These three Greek tales teach us important truths about people today.

  • Heidi


    ‘I’m not going with you, Aunt Dete!’ Heidi cries.

    ‘Oh yes, you are!’ Dete answers.

    Heidi loves her home in the Swiss mountains, her grandfather, and her friend Peter, the goatherd. So when Aunt Dete takes her away to Frankfurt, she doesn’t leave happily.

    In Frankfurt, Heidi is soon good friends with Clara Sesemann, a rich but very ill girl in a wheelchair.

    But how can Heidi live without the mountains? And what can she do about Fräulein Rottenmeier, the Sesemanns’ unfriendly housekeeper?

  • Hercules


    Hercules is the strongest man in the world, but one day he does something very bad.

    The priestess at Delphi tells him: ‘The gods are angry with you. For twelve years you must work for King Eurystheus, and do twelve tasks for him. When you finish, the gods can forgive your crime.’

    Some tasks are easier, and some tasks are more difficult. Can Hercules finish all twelve of them? And what happens when he does?

  • Jake’s Parrot


    When Jake Stevens goes to work for some months in Ireland, he feels happy. He loves travelling, and talking about his job – making computer games for BananaTech in America.

    ‘Your new game’s going to be the best thing at the Irish Computer Games Exhibition!’ people at BananaTech Ireland tell him.

    But living with a noisy parrot isn’t easy, and when Jake asks the most beautiful girl at work out to dinner, she says ‘no’.

    Then someone steals Jake’s game the night before the show. Who – or what – can help him to get it back?

  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth


    In Hamburg, Germany, Professor Otto Lidenbrock comes home with an old Icelandic book. In it there is a message about a journey to the centre of the Earth.
    Can Lidenbrock and Axel and their Icelandic guide, Hans, find the centre of the Earth? And can they all get home alive after their many underground adventures?

  • Journey to the West

    ‘Tripitaka, can you go to the west for me – and for Buddha?’ When the holy woman Guanyin asks the young Chinese monk Tripitaka to bring some holy writings back from India, he says ‘yes’. But how can he travel across rivers, and fight terrible monsters and demons, on his long journey? He needs three strong helpers – Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy – to do that! But where do they come from? Do they always help? And can they bring the holy writings home again?

    Read this old Chinese story, and find out.

  • Kidnap!

    One cold winter morning, a famous movie star and her teenage daughter are driving along a country road…
    A blue van is waiting for them. Tom is in the van, but he’s not a kidnapper – he’s an artist. He usually draws pictures for adventure stories. Now he’s in a real life adventure.

  • Lisa’s Song


    Al Brown plays the guitar in a band with friends. He writes songs, too. ‘Our boy can’t live without his music,’ his parents say.

    But when Al’s baby sister, Lisa, arrives from hospital, his life is suddenly different.

    Now his mother and father have no time for him, and he has no time for school work – or the band.

    Then Al’s sister gets ill. And Grandad tells him, ‘Write a song for Lisa!’ But why, and how can this help?

  • Mansfield Park

    ‘Why shouldn’t we offer to take care of her? She could live with us at Mansfield.’
    In this way Mrs Norris persuades her sister, Lady Bertram, and Lady Bertram’s husband, Sir Thomas, to ask their poor niece Fanny Price to live with them at Mansfield Park.
    At first Fanny is unhappy there. Then, after she makes friends with her young cousins, things improve. But what happens when the cousins are older, and starting to think of love?