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Knygos su audio, teksto suvokimo, žodyno ir gramatikos užduotimis padeda ugdyti kalbinius gebėjimus. Rinkitės knygą ir leiskitės į nepamirštamą ir naudingą kelionę!

  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves


    Ali Baba finds a thieves’ treasure cave, and he is suddenly rich. Then his brother Kasim visits the cave, and things go wrong. The forty thieves find Kasim there, kill him, and cut him into four pieces. What can Ali Baba do? He wants to bury his brother quietly, but how can he? Morgiana, his servant-girl, has the answer. But what can she do when the thieves find Ali Baba and want to kill him, too?

  • Crying Wolf and Other Tales


    ‘Help! A wolf is eating my sheep!’

    What happens when a bored shepherd boy lies to the people in his village – and then he later tells the truth?

    What do a man and his wife do when their goose lays golden eggs? And what can two travellers learn from a bear in the woods?

    These three Greek tales teach us important truths about people today.

  • Lisa’s Song


    Al Brown plays the guitar in a band with friends. He writes songs, too. ‘Our boy can’t live without his music,’ his parents say.

    But when Al’s baby sister, Lisa, arrives from hospital, his life is suddenly different.

    Now his mother and father have no time for him, and he has no time for school work – or the band.

    Then Al’s sister gets ill. And Grandad tells him, ‘Write a song for Lisa!’ But why, and how can this help?

  • Merlin


    ‘Be careful with Morfran’, Princess Adhan tells her young son, Merlin.

    Morfran, the son of the Enchantress Ceridwen, is a bully. Then one day, Merlin drinks one of Ceridwen’s magic potions. After this, he can become different animals, see through walls, change the weather, and look into the future. But Morfran is angry with Merlin when Ceridwen dies. Years later, Morfran – now King Vortigern’s magician – plans to kill Merlin, the boy with no father. How can Merlin’s magic powers help him to fight his old enemy?

  • Pebbles on the Beach


    Abby is a teenager, and doesn’t talk much to her parents. Abby’s dad works hard for an oil company, and Abby’s mom doesn’t like her friends. Then, one summer, Abby stays with her crazy Aunt May in California. Here – with Aunt May and her young neighbours Diego and Bianca – she learns to see things differently. But, one night, there’s an oil spill on the beautiful beach near their home.

    What can Abby, her aunt, and the neighbours do? And who answers Abby’s call for more help? And how?

  • Perseus


    Perseus is the son of Danae, Princess of Argos, and the god Zeus. When he is very young, his mother moves with him to live on the island of Seriphos.

    Later, Polydectes – the king of Seriphos – wants to marry Danae. Perseus says ‘no’ to this, so Polydectes sends the young man away for the head of Medusa. Medusa is a she-monster, with snakes for hair. Can Perseus find and kill Medusa? And what happens after he goes back to Seriphos?

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Dying Detective


    ‘Come quickly, Dr Watson,’ says Mrs Hudson. ‘Sherlock Holmes is dying!’

    Sherlock Holmes was trying to solve a murder. But now he has a terrible illness, and he is not his normal self. Can his friend Watson help him? Can the strange Mr Culverton Smith help him? Or will Sherlock Holmes die?

  • The First Flying Man


    ‘I want to fly later this year.’ ‘So it’s a race,’ laughs Lagari. ‘Yes,’ smiles Hezarfen. The time is the 1630s. Sultan Murat IV rules the Ottoman Empire. Two Istanbul brothers – Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi and Lagari Hasan – dream of flying. Which of them can be the first flying man? And what does the Sultan give to the winner of the race? Read this story and find the answers.

  • The Little Match Girl


    It’s a cold winter’s day, and a poor little girl can’t sell any of her matches to people in the street. She can’t go home with no money. But how can she stay warm? That 31st December, the little match girl sees rich people’s homes, Christmas trees, and wonderful things to eat. She remembers also her kind grandmother – now sadly dead. Can the New Year make things any better for the poor young girl?

  • The Selfish Giant


    ‘It’s my garden,’ says the Giant. ‘People must understand. Nobody can play here – only me!’

    So the children leave, and the Selfish Giant puts a wall around his garden. After that, it’s always winter there.

    Later, the Giant feels sorry for a young boy in the snow. He knocks down the garden wall – and the children, and the spring, come back. But where is the young boy now? And how can the Giant find him again?

  • The Skateboarder


    ‘I love Owen’s skateboarding,’ Hannah thinks. ‘I want to jump and do tricks, too.’ When a skatepark opens near her house, Hannah is suddenly very interested in skateboarding. How do Mom, Dad, brother Evan, and cousin Justin feel about this? Who helps her? Who laughs at her? And who teaches her to be a true skateboarder in the end? This story has the answers.

  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


    ‘What’s your job?’ Yukio asks.

    ‘I’m a sorcerer,’ the old man smiles, ‘And I need a young apprentice.’

    One day, Yukio – a young boy from old Japan – leaves his sister in the country and looks for a job in the town. He finds interesting work there, as a sorcerer’s apprentice. But why must Yukio wait to learn magic? And what happens after he puts a spell on a broom when the sorcerer is away?

  • Troy


    ‘I see Troy in flames years from now – because Paris brings disaster to us,’ Queen Hecuba says about her son. Paris’s father, King Priam, wants to kills him. But Paris lives, and later loves Helen – King Menelaus’s queen – from Greece. When Paris brings Helen to Troy, war begins between the Trojans and Greeks. What happens when Paris’s brother Hector and the Greek fighter Achilles meet in battle? Who wins the war, and how? Read Troy and find the answers.

  • Zombie Attack!


    ‘Professor Clark’s work usually helps people. But this is something new.’ Clark’s helper – Tasha Kiara – is telling Chaz – a local TV reporter about the Professor’s new serum. Then an earthquake hits Clark’s California lab, and his serum brings dead bodies in the cemetery alive. Soon the zombies attack! What happens to Professor Clark? How can Tasha and Chaz stop the zombies? Who lives and who dies? Read this story and see.